Implementation of the Report

A Widow’s right to matrimonial property

When Justine Badaru a 38 year old, resident of Kijogoro Parish, Miirya Sub County, Masindi district lost her husband to an HIV/AIDs-related illness, she was left with no independent source of livelihood.

Illiterate and HIV positive herself, the mother of four was looking at a bleak future as a widow.

Soon after her husband's funeral, rumours started circulating in the village that she had killed her husband. The rumours which spread like a wildfire left Badaru dealing with not only grief but also with stigma and isolation as her friends shunned her as the rest of the village called her a witch and a murderer.


Leaving no one behind in the Asia-Pacific HIV response

Bangkok, Thailand – Government delegates, leading civil society voices and UN partners gathered in Bangkok this week to review progress in responding to the HIV epidemic in the Asia Pacific region.

The Asia Pacific Intergovernmental Meeting on HIV and AIDS, currently being held at the UN Conference Centre from 28 to 30 January, has been convened by the UN Economic and Social Commission on Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) with support from UNAIDS, UNDP and other UN agencies.


Dialogue on Scaling Up HIV-sensitive Legal Aid Programmes in China

Today 30 people representing the most prominent HIV and legal organizations in China participated in a UNDP-led consultation on HIV-related legal aid services. The goal of the meeting was to bring together the most experienced organizations to design a programme that in time will lead to HIV legal services being scaled-up and replicated nationwide.


New UN report calls for changes to legal environment to enhance HIV response in Pakistan

Islamabad, Pakistan – A new report, jointly released by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the UN Country Team and the National AIDS Control Programme of Pakistan, calls for adoption and revision of laws and policies to create a more effective national HIV response that will mitigate the impact of HIV and promote and protect the human rights of key populations and vulnerable groups.


Review and Consultation on the Policy and Legal Environments Related to HIV Services in Malaysia

The United Nations Country Team in Malaysia has published a new report, entitled Review and Consultation on the Policy and Legal Environments Related to HIV Services in Malaysia.

The Review seeks to identify the current status of the policy and legal environment in Malaysia that safeguard the universal human rights of key affected populations with regard to HIV prevention, care and treatment. The review and consultation establishes a baseline and it provides a set of concrete recommendations to contribute to reforms that will promote an enabling environment where the human rights of the key populations are adequately protected.